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Hey guys, I would really appreciate some advice on a couple things that are just bugging the heck out of me with my car. I have a 2007 IS250AWD with the nav package (the CD one, not the DVD one).

1. Climate control issue - So I just brought my car in for it's 5K service and had them switch the automatic recirculation of air to manual because I hated the fact that it always kept switching to fresh air as inevitably I'd get behind some stinky diesel car/truck and be mad as heck when it started reeking of exhaust fumes. Being that I live in the northwest there are a lot of moisture issues so I have the windows up most of the time and typically the air on as well, but again I prefer it in recirculate, not fresh air. Mainly so I'm not breathing in exhaust fumes from other cars as I do spend some amount of time in traffic. So after they switched the setting, now when i he auto it does stay wherever it was before, however I notice that whenever I turn the car off & on, it automatically switches back to fresh air. Also if i ever hit defrost button or defrost / feet button it again automatically switches to fresh air. And finally if i ever hit that button between the off & defroster (I believe it's the "Filter" button) after it's done doing it's thing for 1-2 minutes, when it's finished it again automatically switches back to fresh air again. I'M BEGINNING TO HATE THIS CAR BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID CLIMATE SYSTEM!!! I'm going to try to schedule an appointment with my dealerships technical guru to see if there's anything that can be done or if my climate system is simply screwed up or whatever. I would so appreciate any advice anyone can give me as this one feature alone is making me hate this car. Thanks

2. Audio folder & song details - This is an even more interesting phenomenon which I'm simply stumped on. I make my own CDs and I typically group music into folders. I've noticed for a long time that when on the audio screen there is a folder button at the top right which 99% of the time appears to be grayed out and inaccessible. Yet sometimes it's not and I can actually push it and look at the folder list and or song list. It being enabled might be tied to me moving or not, but I've noticed situations when i was moving and it was still accessible. So now I'm not so sure. In any case I'd like to fine out more if my nav / audio features are screwed up or if I'm just not understanding the functionality here. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

3. Audio Random feature - So again as mentioned above I create my own CDs and the audio has a Random button which appears to select random tracks from whatever folder you are in. Now with most CDs I have some music in the root of the CD and some in folders (and maybe that's the problem, not sure), but I would like it if there was a way to select random tracks from anywhere on the CD, not just the folder I'm in, can this be done? Also if it's set to random and it happens to hit a song I don't want to hear, pushing the next button on the steering wheel or on the audio controls on the dash simply goes to the next track number, but not the next random track number. Is this right? I would prefer if doing this went to the next "random" track number.

Sorry for the long rants, if anyone has any suggestions on any of these point, please reply. I'm wondering if at this point I made a mistake with buying this car. I like the luxury and comfort of the car, but this lack of control over things is starting to bug me to no end. Thanks very much :)

PS I posted this on CL as well as I'm just trying to get as much input as possible, if you replied to my post there don't bother here, i'll keep up on it on both sites. Thanks again :)
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