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i know nabisco has ~1000 off if they buy a lexus. It's one of those employee discount programs. Don't know if it's true. the same discount also applies to BMW and nissan i think (i wonder if you can combine it to get 2K off of MSRP). The price cut is due to the location of nabisco and resellers. i was near nabico olast night and saw a nice white looking is300 is front of someone's house. brand spanking new.....
looks nice if you are in the forum. and congrats, since it turn my head and made me slow down!!! don't want to point out exactly what street.. but comon how many new is300s can be found so close to nabisco.

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I just bought a case of Nabisco products, going to get a free car wash every month for the next year!

Originally posted by Longhorn:
Sure...just cut out the UPC code
from any Nabisco product, take it
to your local Lexus dealer and get
a free car wash. But please don't tell
them I sent you!
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