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Hey .net,

Right now im in the process of painting my Dash(blue) and redoing my amp rack, The amp rack now is very plain and uneventfull, (check my sig) you have to lift up the panel to get to it, to show it ect, So what i am doing is making a plexi glass amp rack, It will be the two amps and the two little boxes(forgot the name) transducer, w/e... it is being painted white on the inside walls and will have two 9' blue neon rods to light it up... i just hope its not goin to glare from the box.....(but ill design it so it dosent :) )

the dash will be painted blue, like matt's (UNVME) :) including the window switch panels, so all in all im execited, it should be finished around next friday. The car goes in on tuesday...:) there goes some turbo cash....that why i never have enough money, lol because stuff i want to do keeps coming up....ahhh...well ill have to save that money up again...back to work i go....peace for now
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