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Yesterday (Friday the 24th) I drove my SBM/Graphite IS up to Sacramento from the LA area and saw three other IS's. Just wondering if you frequent this forum.

1) I saw a Silver IS on the 99 North in Fresno around 2:30pm. - Great looking car. I kept changing lanes to check out your car.

2) Interstate 5 Southbound around 4:30pm Spectra Blue Mica - yet another great looking car

3) today the 25th. Another Blue IS right behind me on Florin road westbound.

Let me know if it was you!!

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i see more IS's in san fran than anywhere else. i look at the drivers and most seem like not the type who'd be on this list. anyways, i was so suprised to see how many i saw in san fran. if anyone sees mine, there's a hypersport sticker where the plate would be. also waiting for my personalized plates...takes a long ass time...

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