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My Touch-up Paint Does Not Match!!!!!! Anyone Else?

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DAMMIT!!! What next! If you want to read my pathetic sobb story as to why I needed it in the first place, click below.

I had my neighbor down the block touch it up for me, this is his job, bodywork, etc.. So I go to get it and he said "not good touch-up paint" even before I saw it. I should have just left it scratched at least the black from the bumper would not have been showing off my nice little accident!

Now the car says "Hey, look what my stupid owner did to me". Now I will be getting the bodykit sooner than planned.

I want to know if anyone else has had this problem, 'cause now I'm hesitant as to try and touch-up the chips on the hood.

G-D Help Me!!!!!!
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I've used touch up paint in two areas: 1) the lower side of the door where my friend opened it and hit a high curb 2) underneth the right corner of the front bumper where I scraped on a curb. Both jobs blended in well only because it's in areas that are low and hard to see in the first place. I've yet to try them on any of my 2-3 paint chips, but after reading this, I am even more hesitant.
touch up paint will not always match perfectly no matter what. but you also got to shake it good before you apply.
damn.. i have a scraped bumper and chips in my hood too... and my car is also black.... o great, now im never gunna try to fix it... this is too scary, same areas damaged, same color, same car and same dilemna... good thing i didnt get that black touch up paint... ill be getting a body kit as well, most likely the C-West....
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Lexus_IS300: Yeah I know about shking it well, I wondered if my neighbor did just that, I hope he did since he does this stuff all the time.

fusion: Maybe you'll have better luck with black. I knew it would not match 100% but, this is rediculous.
well I had myt bumper repainted already since it was hit in the holding lot... the paint matched fine but the painter was not so hot and I had to buff it and wetsand it out... but yes the color is dead on.. maybe you can ask your dealer to make you a quart of paint to use as touch up paint.. then dab it on... get your self some canned clear tape off the areas and apply 2-3 coats of clear and then wetsand and buff after it dries... it should work out good if the color matches..
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please help.. I got touch up paint also. The dealer gave me a white and a clear kinda.. They told me to put the clear one on first, This doesn't seem right... PLease advise...
That sounds strange to me also, I guess there is a chance it is some kind of preping solution. I don't know for sure without seeing it.

fairuza11: thanks I already have seen it done , and know that you are correct in the process for "touching up" thanks anyway.
the clear stuff fills in the scratch or scrape and the colored stuff helps to match the surrounding paint...
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no problem jigga, sorry I could not help more...
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