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Well IS fans, I went to Tustin Acura today and test drove a 2002 TL-S. They had a grip of them, like 6-7 TL-S'. Here are some observations:

Steering: TL-S way too light and the steering wheel itself is too skinny, like my dad's Oldsmobile. Our IS really has one of the best steering wheels out there.

Interior: Been there, done that. Nothing new or different from the CL-S. Our IS has very, very good seats. The TL-S has mediocre seats, feels over stuffed and even with all of its adjustments, still could not find a comfortable position.

Exterior: Same but different. Nothing too exciting and looking a bit dated now, even with all the so-called revamps. The IS is still the looker of the bunch.

Power: There is a nice growl, however maybe it's because the test-car was not fully broken in (23 miles on the odometer) but felt all anemic and generally not happy. I think the engine feels much better in a CL-S. My IS has approx 11K on the odometer and it feels more sporty, more fun to drive, and the acceleration felt about on par.

Armrest: I wish our IS had some decent cupholders and a real armrest, I miss them.

Value: no question, on paper all that the TL-S has to offer, it looks good for a non-GPS TL-S to be selling for approx. $31,700.

Shifter: I do believe that a combination of both buttons and a H-gate shifter (Like the S4) is the best combination for an automatic. However the shifting on the TL-S was way more smooth.

Tires: I had thought our IS had too narrow a tire, however if there is on upgrade that is needed asap for the TL-S it would be wider and lower tires. That car squealed around every corner and every application of the throttle. Not too confidence inspiring.

Conclusion: I think if I could get a TL-S for something like $100 over invoice, it would be a nice second commuter car, however if the choice is between our IS and the TL, for my money it would be on the IS, unless there was a S4 for the same price. Then I would have to go with the S4 and get a MTM chip to bump it up to 300 HP.
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