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my IS feels sluggish

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ive noticed that in the last week ot two my IS300 feels sluggish and has a hard time getting up to speed or growls a lot more when i floor it... its been getting a little warmer and arid so im guessing it may be because of the engine sucking in hot-dry air instead of cool-dense air... also i had my front two tires changed... i think that may be a factor but doubt it...

has anybody felt a drop in power or does your IS300 seem a little less eager after a while ?
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i do !and it dosent get that hot in here..
but i felt that also after ECU/TRAC update ,i called the dealer today who did my update they told me to reset by taking negative wire from you batary for 2 min.
i will do it tonight and il let you know what happend.
i did reset last night (take negative wire of the betary for 2 min) feel surpricely better ...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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