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My dilemma… Help!

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I love my IS, but ever since I’ve bought it, I’ve been missing a manual transmission. Now that the 2002 models are getting closer to home, I was planning on trading my 2001 for the manual. I know I will lose a lot of money, but that’s something I’ve already accepted.

Now, I have an opportunity to get a 97 Eclipse GS-T with 35k miles, 5-speed in excellent condition, for about $4k-$5k more than what I’d lose in a IS trade. But if I go through with Eclipse I will have two cars! What should I do?

I know GS-T is arguably the best production Eclipse they have ever made. It still has one year left of the turbo warranty. Does anybody have anything good (or bad) to say about that particular car?



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i absolutely agree with this statement.

i would also suggest the first gen because of the larger turbo, larger intercooler and better flowing head and intake manifold. the quirks that the first gens have are a crank pulley that comes apart (no big deal and no damage gets caused - can be fixed by using a second gen pulley), windows that need to have the track lubed up with armor all every couple of months, a notchy transmission that grinds into second sometime, and the timing belt and hydraulic timing belt tensioner needs to be changed routinely at the suggested intervals, or you'll be rebuilding the top half of the motor and probably the bottom half also.

one other thing, don't ever remove the balance shafts, i have seen people do this and then have mysterious oiling problems later down the line.

by the way i have a 92 fwd turbo as a beater, and it is fun and fast, beats everything from ram air camaros to new m5's, and i don't have too too much done to it either.

Originally posted by mccarlin:
I would Highly recommend staying away from a eclipse GS-T or GSX from 1995-1999. they are known for CrankWalk. If you do not know what it is then PM me and i'll explain it, but if you get this, you will need a new engine. I know tons of people that have had thi problem, and its not pretty.

I would suggest getting a 1st generation eclipse, talon, or laser (all same cars). they are from 1990 - 1994. their engines do not get this problem and are a little more reliable!
the tranny's do sorta suck too!! but their quick little suckers
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