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Hi everyone...
Ran into a mustang, boxster s, and a civic all in one friday night....
it was around 11:00pm at the 2 north freeway near Glendale, CA...kind of uphill, very little traffic, and long straights, moderate cop presence...

anyways, i have my 2 friends and sister in the car, with me the total weight goes to approximately 600 pounds, me and one friend at 150, another 200, and sister at 100..

first victim was a white mustang, NOT THE GT. i knew from these enlightening posts here that i could beat it from a freeway roll...i pull up right next to it, look at him a bit, and point ahead...he acknowledges by gunning it, and by the time my front bumper is at his door i gun it too...we went from about 70 - 120...and by the time i hit 120, i was a good car length and a half ahead...i let him pass, then repeated... :D

after the mustang party, my friend and i was discussing the mustangs when we see the Boxster in front of us...i want to see if i can at least hang with the boxster, so we edge closer, and see the bright red "S" on the trunk....i try to instigate by turning on the bite...

But wait!!! this civic hatchback...i think early 90s...kind of boxy, but not a CRX...guns it and creeps friend and i try not to laugh, and let it ahead about a car length, and i floor it...we were at around 70mph, and i absolutely killed the civic...leaving it far behind by the time i hit 110...

so i thought i would call it a night and head home...but i see two headlights, high beaming me and closing on me FAST....who would it be, but the Boxster we saw?? he is RIGHT on my tail, close enough that i look into the mirror and i can't even see his lights...i try and FLOOR it, but he still i turn the hazards back on, and acknowledge my defeat...he swings by me, and i get off at the exit...

I have a stock 2002 e-shift IBP....

can't but wonder what i could have done to the boxster had i had some boost running in the car :)
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