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I bought my is with the muffler and 3rd cat already deleted with the stock headers still in place, I wanted more pops from the exhaust so i recently deleted my res and replaced from where the resonator was back with 2 1/2” pipe and a old used 3” tip.

Now this is what im talking about it! I love the sound of a nice pop when playing i am around in e-shift mode. Personally though i am finding the exhaust to be very raspy/aggresive and in general just super duper loud lmao i am looking into throwing a muffler into the mix to finish off my system and get the nice noise im looking for.
So, What would be an ideal muffler i could look into grabbing for my is?? I was looking at just the universal Greddy RS muffler but am not too sure how much that would really help with the rasp.

Any help is appreciated!!
Thanks guys
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