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Here to see if anyone has the same problem

a noticeable metal again metal grinding noise, happens more often when drive off from a complete stop).
if u do heard any noise, do not think the parts are still breaking-in,
and most important is if ur IS MT is less than a yr,
hurry and bring em in, at least ur fit to the LEMON LAW.
(Less than a yr, same issue happens 3 times),
a little insurance to ur-self and car, theres nothing to loose,
trust me, u do not want to pay $1,500 just for the labor.

*Due to the past incident, below are some of the Links to it and some more others owners
with the same issues, hope these could help anyone in anyway*

Lexus Owners Club - Lexus Club and Forum

Due to my last incident, I took the Lexus Customer Satisfactions deal,
which is they are willing to pay for the parts (flywheel & Clutch Assembly),
which is about $3500, but i have to paid $1500 just for the Labor.
the dealer (LONGO) said they will give me an VIP discount on the labor,
but now, i looked through Lexus forums, $1500 dealership labor,
is a lot more than what ive seen regarding to the others.

Anyhow, after i got them fixed, within in 4.5K (4500 miles), same thing happened again,
im starting to heard the same grinding noise once in a week or two,
so, i took the car back to the Dealership (LONGO),
and yes, they still blame me for my driving habit.
This is ridiculous, NO MORE THAN 4500 mile since last fixed and this happened again..
And trust me, im a car guy, i know how to drive a stick,
Most of my cars are MT Cars, even my 1st car is a MT (16 yrs old, now im 33)
There's never been any problems !!
I should recommend LEXUS to come out w/ their own MT Tutorial DVD.

Okay, that day i went for a road test w/ the Dealers technician
(they called me back in to road test with them since they ).
Later, the service dept lady called said the technician told her:
"its because i didn't let go the clutch all of the way and i accelerate".
i was thinking OMG..

1. i was focusing on trying to carefully grind the clutch a little to get the soundz out.

2. Technician took over the wheel during the 1/2 way,
HE WAS using some of his crazy techniques on the car,
Like pumped the clutch a couple of times during driving on 1st gear
the car jerks like a beginner is behind wheel
does that tell you that's how the technician drives his car ?! no~
and he was blaming me !!

Im very curious about his theory,
THE CAR WILL STALL if u let go the clutch all of the way..
so, he means every time u pull-off from a complete stop u will damage the car ?
more damages if going uphill ?

After that, i called the FACTORY and they inform me that they took care of it once,
and not willing to help again this time.. But before they gave me any answers ,
the lady from the FACTORY called and told me the dealer's (LONGO) technician said
it was the CLUTCH that causes it, BUT funny thing is that I talked to the Dealer 2 days ago,
they told me that it was the FLYWHEEL.. same technician who inspected the car, 2 different story..
Im very confuse !! (and this technician put in a wrong screw in wrong hole last time when he fixed my car, below are the story to that)

Okay, after they fixed it from the 1st incident, i brought the car back within a week,
because i am still hearing Metal against Metal scrapping noise..
after the examination, i was been told that the technician made a mistake,
but they told me it wont cause any damages to the car !!
Now i think back.. any metal again metal scrapping noise while shifting,
and its from where the parts that just been replace and assemble back.. ITS WRONG !!

Anyone have the same issue or have any suggestion on what i can do or where i can go ??
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