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You wouldn't belive how hard it was to get instructions for the DIS-4. Most tuners were no help, and one not surprising... did not wanna give out any information at all. My local tuner (Auto Design Haus) decided to fock all this bs and decided to fgure it out themself. It would've been easier w/ intrustions but it wasn't really a big deal... besides it's their job ;) Anyways... before I got the MSD installed I was calling, searching ( and google), anything possible to get some sort of wiring instructions specific to the IS300. After mutiple attempts I ended up w/ jack and shit. Finally I decided to call MSD themselves... talk about customer service!! I spoke to one of their tech reps there and inquired about instructiosn for the IS300. They said that they didn't have any instructions for my specific car but would work on a wiring diagram first thing tomorrow morning... I was like... yea.. sure... I know this industry well enough and I bet most of you guys been giving this shit before... empty promises! The rep was like just post a topic on their tech support forum and he'll get back to me ASAP. Well what did you know... a couple days later, for shits and giggles, I decided to check on my post... *BAM* there was a wiring diagram!! I was like god damn... he posted it the day after my original post!

Well... enough of my ranting, MSD gets two thumbs up from me! Here's the wiring diagram and a FYI... you also have to purchase two additional tach adapters (p/n 8912) for the DIS-4 to work properly.

The DIS-4 is great btw... 2-step is off the shizzle and plus you can control timing!
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