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Hello fellow car enthusiasts... due to some private requests of people asking me to post about my car, I am going to take the liberty to do so sooner than I had planned to. I usually prefer to show a fully completed product when I am 110% confident and happy with, but I guess its close enough for now.

Anyway, as lots of you know, I had a rebuilt botton end from before, I did a custom turbo setup from TE with a standalone engine management and what not.. About 3 months ago I decided to dismantle the car and I sold the entire turbo kit. Block and Head were sold off seperately.

But here are the specs for now, followed by a mini story..

Engine Modifications:
-Complete 2JZ-GTE JDM Supra (not aristo) Swap
-//MRF Rebuilt, fully port and polished cylinder head
---Supertech Titanium Valve springs and retainers
---Micro polished valve stems and valve surfaces
-ARP Head studs
-PT-67 Water Cooled Dual Ball bearing turbo
-Tubular Exhaust Manifold Ported And Polished
-Tial 44MM Wastegate
-Tial 50MM Race Blow off valve
-Super large Front mount intercooler with 3" inlet and outlet
-NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs
-Electromotive TEC3 Standalone Computer and TEC3 Ignition
-//MRF Fuel system:
--Custom Fuel rail. Dual feeds, Center Return
--Custom Fuel hanger assembly. Dual WAlbro Pumps
-- -6AN Dual feed line to rail
--800 CC Precision Injectors
--Aeromotive Fuel Press Regulator
--Custom relay box for external power and stock trigger control.
--Fully functioning gas gauge, till the end of light
-MAZURRI SUPER Race designed exhaust system.
-Magnaflow muffler
-Custom Modified IS300 Oil pan.
-Ported/overbored Supra Throttle body
-Ported intake manifold and runners
-//MRF Custom Engine harness
-Modified engine mounts.
-3" Intercooler piping
-Battery relocation to trunk, ABS Block relocated to battery location.
-Complete NEW power network for all electronics in car, including all stock electronics as well.
-//MRF Interface Black Box
-Zirgo 12" BLU Slim fans
-Custom Billet Coolant overflow tank
-BoostLOGIC Oil Feed and Drain Kit

-Tein HA Coilover
-TRD/Ltuned Sway bars
-Cusco Front Upper control arms
-JIC Front Strut Tower bar
-TRD rear strut tower bar
-Tein EDFC
-MRF Rear Alignment

Once I dismantled the old setup off the car, i decided to start the build on the car immediately. My IS300 is my daily driver, its my only car, and I knew that I didnt have months and years to build this car up again. Fortunately, I had great friends there for any help with heavy things and transportation when needed. The build took roughly 9-10 weeks of constant work. At most 5 days were taken off within those weeks for days off from the car.

The build was VERY stressful and at the same time enjoyable. I can quite possibly say, the most difficult build for me. Going from the head port and polishing to the custom engine harness, it was lots of work.

The Engine harness is a completely custom harness. It uses majority of the IS300 sensors and contained within are all the other sensors for the Tec, the ignition and so on. The engine harnesss is ALL there is wiring wise in the engine bay and has been greatly simplified removing all the useless electronics in the engine bay. Everything that was ever IS300 related has been kept in tact. No check engine lights, TRAC works, cruise control, DBW

The engine mounts had to be modifed quite a bit to get the motor to sit properly in the engine bay, the same way the is300 engine used to sit. Very centered and not crooked. If the engine mounts would not have been modified, the trans would make contact with the tranny tunnel.

Exhaust system. Based on my past experiences, I had learned that is is quite an important step. For this, I took my idea's and aspirations to my buddy Danielm at MAZURRI SUPER. He and I came up with a design that seems to be working well, and utilizing the wastegate discharge to help scavenge the exhaust gases out the back and quickly and smoothly possible. The piping is all designed on his mandrel bender and all TIG welded.

The intercooler piping was also made at his place, and is 3 inch mandrel bent piping, except for the small portion of the turbo outlet which is 2.5 inch piping. An aluminum cast elbow was welded to the turbo along with the pipe to make it a more uniform look. Pardon the mess though, the turbo and the piping has not gone off to the polisher yet.

Now for the more fun information... how does she drive... how does she run. Is she fast, slow, unreliable...

Here is the truth of it all... The car runs faster than I could have ever imagined. Its very quick off its feet, full spool is at 3400-3500 RPMS, the high redline, the free flowing head all compile nicely for a hard clean pull. It has only be on the streets for a week, finishing break in. Spark plugs, oil and the such need to be changed, along with a final compression check.

Issues.. yes there are some ticky tacky things that I will handle and finish today. The oil return flange is warped, and wont seal perfectly with the turbo. Every 10 minutes or so, a drop of oil drips onto my exhaust manifold and its stinky!! I will machine down this flange a small bit, replace the gasket and hope for the best. Other than that, there havent been anything that would be of a major concern. Turbo lag has become a little more noticable, but I and a few others believe its from the spark plugs being on thier way out from tuning and setting up the car initially and running excessively rich. (sometimes 10's in part throttle and 9 under boost)

The tuning of the car is pretty much on par at this point, with part throttle around 15.0 and boost around 11.6. Timing has been kept ultra conservative until the Methanol setup goes into the car and for long term reliability. I want this car to go for 100,000 miles without a major breakdown. Seems far fetched, but its a goal.

She currently runs off of wastegate spring at 17 PSI until i find a boost controller I like for my interior.

I couldnt be any happier with the car and I am glad that it all has worked out. Of course the thread is not as great without dyno numbers, I apologize for that, I will get some in the next week or 2 once I feel she is ready to hit the dyno and show me what its got. Of course you will be updated with the result.

How fast does she feel... well, cruising in 4th, giving it gas, the rear 265 wide tires light up very quickly. Cruising in 2nd, punching it quickly will light up the tires. I have somewhat alleviated the situation with numerous suspension adjustments. I feel that the 67 turbo is the largest anyone would want to go for a track type of car. It is completely controllable, the response time is great, and throttle response is quick.

Here are a couple of pictures as well..


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I see why you were asking all those questions about my fan setup now!! I thought you were planning on doing a GTE swap, and I was right. Good shit Malek! Can't wait to see some numbers and a few vids!!

**Times are tough, standards are high. Be more selective with your reputation. You must show some love to other members before giving it to Malekreza11 again.**

I owe you one!

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Very nice Malek. The engine is looking spiffy and ready to hit the streets. I can't wait to see this thing in action. Turbo one engine to the next, just aint satified are ya? Too bad i wasn't really able to help out too much with the swap bro. I would have really enjoyed helping and learning a few things, but its all good bro. It came out spectacular, and i also can not wait for it to hit the dyno. After all that you've gone through with your accident and everything, people should be surprised how you still managed to swap in a GTE by yourself. Can you imagine driving into like a lexus dealership and asking them to change your oil? I wonder what they would say. WTF is that? Good work bro

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bout time you posted this!

now get to work and polish them pipes! hahaha

When you coming down?


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damn it why you have to be all the way out in cali where not many of us can see the car in person -

I have tones of questions for you, but I guess before I ask any of them, how much are you willing to share with the community?

Oh and I'm guessing with the supra engine you got your v161?

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awesome job..:approve:

you did leave out a few key details..

please explain how its not an aristo motor?
especially because of the vvti...

so what year Supra did it come from then?

what cams are those?

what transmission are you using?

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Wow Just WOW!

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Very nice Malek and impressive. I had a similar issue with the oil return where it'd leak a drop of oil. I had to take off the center cartridge and clean off the old return gasket. I put on red RTV silicone on both the turbo and oil return flange. Put the gasket in between and tightened it down. No leak what so ever now.

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Very nice set-up malek.

Mad props for getting that done in 8-10 weeks. I can imagine how much that work that was. Came out very clean though.

IF you had to do it over would u say the GTE swap is worth it? or would rather stick with the NA-turbo?

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Congrats Mal! Stay in touch so we can figure out a few things on both of our setups. -Brandon

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Thanks for the kind words guys..

Anyway, to answer a few questions..

Tsoprano.. The motor is a JDM supra. The oil pan was a more centered oil sump and not front like the IS300's. I couldnt find an aristo motor. I refused to have a motor shipped to me. I wanted to see the motor before i took it home. The cams are cams that came with the motor for now till i maybe get some custom made comes in a 272 form both sides.

I am on a very tight budget for many reasons at the moment, and did not have the money to upgrade to the 6 speed the way i wanted with a multiplate clutch. It was going to cost over 6300 for the trans and all misc hardware needed. That is the next thing though. But let me tell you, i think i have a frankenstein w58, as it doesnt break for some reason. I do not baby it under any circumstance, that would be a waste of a car.

Technix. i am willing to share information with the community. There isnt anything to hide, and i am 100% confident that over 90% of people would not be able to tackle such a job.

Bigwilly my bro.. in all honesty, for simplicity purposes, i would reccomend for people to stick with the GE motor and build that up with a GTE block and go from there. My main reason for doing this is because I have always wanted to for personal accomplishment, i could care less what people think about that. My personal beliefs are that most people are not willing to go to far extents to get the IS300 to be legitamately fast. They either want high horsepower to brag about, OR they want reliability, there are a few people that want it both ways, and they are willing to spend it. THere is nothing wrong with that. There are so many other aspects of this car that need to be looked at before people ask for 600 RWHP to be fast. The suspesnion being one of them. There is nothing wrong with it, it just needs to be setup well (upgraded parts are a givin to help ie. control arms and such).
So for those of you who want to go through the enormous headache of swapping motors just to say you have a "supra motor" think REALLY hard. And yes, the 8-10 week time frame was lots of work crammed in per day, especially toward the end.

And i forgot to mention, all the work was done by me.
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