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How do you like your M3? I was gonna get one, but i last minute changed my mind to the IS3 because i hate buying a car when the new models come out. Than i feel really jealous. Does your M3 have good low end. I've raced quite a few and from a standing start they get me by about a car ,but after i hit 2nd i'm gone. On the highway from 70-125mph i usually get about a car and a half lead. BTW this is in a turbo Crx NOT AN IS300!! I still love the E36 bodies man. How much did you pay for yours? I see them going as low as 20K for 1995s. Well let me know how you like yours. The IS i thought would be alittle quicker. Thank God i kept my little Crx...
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Originally posted by mrclam:
on a sidenote, woohoo!!! my name's been mentioned in three topics since yesterday...he he

'Cause you pester the hell out of us! You're like the odd ball of the family (Eric, too).
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