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I had a 1962 Porsche 1600 Normal coupe that
I purchased in 1962. I ran Kendall in the
car until I sold it in 1966. I was into the
engine several times for modifications, and
it was always clean and polished. I changed
the oil regularly and changed the filter at
every oil change.

I have a '01 IS300 presently, and I traded in
a 1992 Taurus SHO on the Lexus. I ran Mobil 1 in the SHO, and the engine was immaculate,
even at 103,000 miles. Kendall is an excellent oil, and I can recommend it from
personal experience, but I think a synthetic
will give you the same performance, with
less varnish and deposits on the cylinders
and pistons. I plan to switch to Mobil 1
on the first oil change for the Lexus.
But it is IMPERATIVE that you change the
filter whenever you change your oil.
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