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on my way to autoshow in san francisco....i was driving around the block for days looking for parking....naturally at that big event there are lots of people walking around----so when i pull up at stop lights, almost everyone is looking at my car.... :D

there were some people walking across the walk, and these two teenage boys point at my car, with their pops say "wow, dad do you know what that car is?"...hahahah....also, i could have sworn someone took a pic of my car when the light turned green..

i guess they didn't know it was a lexus since i had my altezza grill, altezza emblem on the back and a kit on.....

BTW: the lexus part was nothing to fancy, they just showcased all their lexus's....lots of people were around the DWP is300 tho.....(just had a wing)......

i liked the m3 and the S55 amg out of that whole show....pretty sick...... :wink:
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