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wife and I returning from the city the other day.
I-85 S. I ran over something in the road.
too small to see.
About a mile down the road we start hearing a humming sound.
Pulled into the weight station by now I knew it was a flat tire.
Left rear driver's side tire.
Didn't catch it fast enough.

Due to the Low profile tires the tire was RIM
CUT the entire circumference inside and outside.(The Rim Itself Wasn't Damaged AT ALL
Tire was almost TOO HOT to touch.
Changed tire with spare, (wrong rotation)
And drove to family service station where my service guy aired the tire up to see if the sidewalls would hold. (Salvage the tire)
At about 20lbs the inside sidewall BLEW OUT from the rim cut! Sounded like a shotgun!!!!

Cleared the place........

I was glad it burst though. Wouldn't want the wife driving around on a bad tire.
Needless to say we went straight and purchased a NEW Goodyear Eagle GSD.......
$260 Mounted and balanced.......
The tire cost $230..........


BTW, Teg did you check-Out the Clip?

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I got sideswiped by a Ford Truck. My back was achin for days.. but is feeling better now after visiting the chiropractor a few times. However, my baby car is still waiting for some recontructive surgery.

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