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More random owners comments.

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1> The passenger airbag cover material is slightly off color compared to the rest of the dashboard (annoying...)

2> The front door speakers really shake the outside of the thin doors so neighboring cars get to hear your cranked up tunes also.

3> I have been having fun with the remote trunk opener. When showing my friends/family the car, I go "watch this" and then I say (to the trunk) "TRUNK OPEN" (while secretly hitting the remote opener button). They are amazed that my car is voice activated. Without fail they will try it too (a few times) and then ask "is it trained only to work on your voice?" (then I show them the key fob and smirk).
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TEG, it sounds like you belong in one of those VW commercials (I think it's the Jetta). "Honey honey! Watch this!" And the guy puts the key in the door and all the windows roll down. "Honey?" And the door slams. I can see it now...
ha ha ha ...he's right, you belong in that VW commercial.
Are you sure that's not a commercial? I can totally see TEG in a commercial like that. Just like his "Oh, what a feeling!" picture.
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