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Moonroof rattles?

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Is it just my car or does anyone's IS have a rattle that comes from the moonroof? When I go over a road irregularity the moonroof makes a "clicking" noise... either opened, tilted, or closed.

Also, try driving with the CD/Radio turned off. When you press the brakes, do you hear a "click" noise? (BTW... it's not the tranny lock system noise... press further down).

Thanks guys. Cars are never the same after an accident.
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Originally posted by DJ:
Ahhh dayam. No one hears a "click" when you press your brakes? Sux for me.

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don't worry my are not alone.
dayam...i have the samme problem with sunroof open. only when it's on tilt..

and here it doesn't rain that much...thank god..
but i don't really long as water doesn't leak....

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