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Moonroof rattles?

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Is it just my car or does anyone's IS have a rattle that comes from the moonroof? When I go over a road irregularity the moonroof makes a "clicking" noise... either opened, tilted, or closed.

Also, try driving with the CD/Radio turned off. When you press the brakes, do you hear a "click" noise? (BTW... it's not the tranny lock system noise... press further down).

Thanks guys. Cars are never the same after an accident.
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I had the same "clicking" sound with my moonroof. Try this, drive a couple of miles through slightly "rough" terrain while the moonroof is opened completely. After doing so, close the moonroof and listen if it goes away. If not, do the entire thing all over again.

This may sound rather dumb but this method worked for me. My theory is that going through rough terrain allows the railing to flex a little so that the moonroof itself "sits" properly on the rails. At first, I thought it was from the sun's heat that causes the plastic framing to expand and thus, "creak." But the sound doesn't disappear at night, which made me conclude that heat was not the culprit.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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