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Moonroof rattles?

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Is it just my car or does anyone's IS have a rattle that comes from the moonroof? When I go over a road irregularity the moonroof makes a "clicking" noise... either opened, tilted, or closed.

Also, try driving with the CD/Radio turned off. When you press the brakes, do you hear a "click" noise? (BTW... it's not the tranny lock system noise... press further down).

Thanks guys. Cars are never the same after an accident.
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Click?? Could it be the brake light switch at the brake pedal????

Chromoplast: Your car is noisier than when new???? How many miles do you have on it??? I suspect that it's the engine oil that's giving way.....Remember dinosaur-based engine oil are basically in top shape for the first 500 miles or so.....then they start to deteriorate. And don't forget the tranny oil too, usually in top shape for the first 4000 miles or so.......

My 2 cents....
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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