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Does anyone know if the ''S" model of the MOMO RACE AIRLEATHER SHIFT KNOB: ALUMINUM/BLACK LEATHER (Model#MO-ALUAIR-R) will fit on a manual stick? Apparently the "S" model is available for cars with the reverse lift system, but will it still work on a normal 5-spd reverse system like ours? This knob looks like it does not sit as high as the standard race airleather shift knob (#MO-ALUAIR). It retails for $76 at please someone, anyone, let me know so that I can include this little mod on my wish list for Xmas.

Hey jgardner, I think you may have this same shift knob on your PLP short shifter. Will it work on the stock shifter, and if so is it easy to install? Check out his at

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