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Well, I've had my IS for a while now and I finished the swap maybe around a year and a half ago but I wasn't really happy enough to post it. It's to a point now where I can be proud to do so, so I am! :)

Everything had been in the works for quite some time. I had a really nice 95 Honda Civic hatch that I kitted out really nicely - 5 lug, LS swap, turbo, nice interior, nice exterior, partially shaved and fully tucked engine bay, it was the tits if you're into that sort of thing. But.. I was at a point in the build where it either needed more power (it was making 283 to the wheels on a stock longblock) by building the engine and moving to e85 and making about 400whp, or selling the car to partially fund the IS300 build. I think you can guess what ended up happening...

While I still had the Civic I picked up an IS300. It had about 160k miles on it, I didn't really care about the mileage, and I slowly started thinking about all of the parts I would need to get this bad boy swapped. Luckily for me a dear dear friend of mine, Matt, also known as DedicatedMatt did this swap for the first time when we were roommates actually, so I had an awesome resource for help when I needed. Being the badass he is he hooked me up with mounts, headers, oil pan, clutch line kit, drive shaft, solid diff bushings, moral support, and telling me what I needed to do on the wiring. My friend Richard did the bodywork for me, and my dad being the nice guy he is offered to paint it for me. The paint did turn out pretty good too, its not perfect but it's WAY better than it was. I had the car so long it was looking beat from the outside and now it pops quite nicely I think! Gotta thank my boss Tony for letting me keep it at the shop and the guys working that ever had to push it because it was a non running POS lol. Thanks for the support from all my friends and anyone that think it's cool too =D

Here's some pics!!


I think this is most of the parts on the car right now. More things are planned in the future. (I'll explain later)

Engine and Drivetrain:
-LS6 engine swap
-T56 6 speed transmission
-ID1000 injectors
-92mm FAST intake manifold and throttle body
-T1 Race Development air temperature sensor
-Custom 4” intake with K&N filter
-Clutchmasters clutch
-Wilwood clutch master with Dedicated Motorsports adaptor plate
-Dedicated Motorsports clutch line and speed bleeder
-Camaro throttle cable and modified Lexus pedal
-HP tuner software with LS1 ECU
-Relocated ABS unit
-Dedicated Motorsports headers
-MitchBuilt dual 3" into single 3.5" stainless mandrel bent exhaust
-Dedicated Motorsports Motor and Transmission mounts
-Dedicated Motorsports modified GTO oil pan
-Toyota supra motor mounts
-Koyo Radiator
-Carbing radiator cooling plate
-MitchBuilt custom wiring including wire tuck
-battery relocation to trunk
-Custom aluminum Drive Shaft Shop driveline
-MSD spark plug wires w/fire sleeve
-Figs hood props

Suspension, brakes, and wheels:
-KW Variant 3 coilovers
-SPC front and rear camber kits
-Super Pro #1 polyurethane front lower control arm bushings
-Super Pro #2 polyurethane front lower control arm bushings
-Figs Engineering solid steering rack bushings
-Figs Engineering RCA spacers
-Figs Engineering rear toe links
-Figs Engineering Rear Spherical bushings
-Racing Brake calipers for Supra front rotors on IS300
-98 Toyota Supra front Rotors
-Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid
-Work VS Edition wheels 18x9 +40ish in the front and 18x10 +50 rear
-245/35r18 front tires 265/35r18 rear tires
-Dedicated Motorsports solid diff bushings

-Greddy style polyurethane front lip
-2003 Sport design grill (installed, not pictured)
-OEM dark chrome tail lights
-2005 rear spoiler
-Shaved front side markers
-2006 GTO Spice red metallic paint

-Complete black interior swap
-MitchBuilt Black Suede headliner
-Recaro front seats
-New OEM black floormats
-OEM manual clutch and brake pedal
-New OEM JDM manual shift boot
-Product Innovations Delrin Teardrop shaped shift knob
-35% tint on front windows and 20% on the rest done by Tritek
-Dakota digital tach adaptor for use with oem gauge cluster
-OBD2 multi gauge display
-Pioneer Double din
-Two sets of 6.5” Pioneer component speakers
-Pioneer 2 channel amp
-JL audio 4 channel amp
-10” Rockford Fosgate T1 Subwoofer
-MitchBuilt custom ported sub box tuned for 45 hz

I'll be posting more later!!! Thanks for checking it out.

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Here was the car soon after I picked it up and put some tein drop springs on it. It looked good but I ended up taking them off later because they didn't ride well.

Then I was driving to Austin on New Years eve and I hit a dog on the highway with the cruise control on, just driving normally. It was crazy, he was running full speed across the highway and I just happened to be there at the correct moment in time to meet him. I was able to swerve out of the way enough to just clip him, but he still did a bunch of damage.

You can see the roof peeling in this pic too, the trunk was getting it. Texas heat really got it!

Picked up some Work wheels for a good price, XD9's I think they were.

Got a new bumper too, I wasn't going to get it painted until the car got swapped

I did a bunch of measuring and I looked on this forum too for similar setups and a member here, TeCKis300 got the idea, beefy tires with normal camber, which always looks great and that car is still one of my favorite IS', so I started looking for wheels the correct size and went from there... Found these on a Drift forum in Europe. I forget the name now, but its a big shop apparently, they have an orange logo.

And here they are in the States!! Wooo!! That was a great day, even though they were all busted they were legit.

Test fit time!!

The inside was close just like I'd hoped =) I didn't like this suspension setup either btw. I knew it was temporary too.

Fronts, it poked out a little and I was worried at first because I wanted to fit 245's on here, but this is at 0 camber and my fenders weren't pulled at all (which I don't like pulling fenders a lot, at all is my favorite if possible).

Rear looked great on the outside too!

Got my wheels redone at Wheel Repair Solutions in Dallas, GD great job up there!! polished the lip and hardware, and painted the centers, nice!!

Cheap Federals haha


That's what I wanted

I ended up getting a bunch of bushings and stuff everywhere where it was needed. You can check out all of the bushings I ended up getting in the mod list. They were jacked. Lexus made the bushings pretty weak, I'm guessing because "its a Lexus, it needs to be plush and zomg luxurious" and the fact that the car had like 200k miles on it at this point lol.

Looked for over a year and came across these seats on Craigslist for a good price, I liked the color! Came out of an Evo 4

Did maybe 5 or 6 hours getting these in here just right, they ended up being the perfect height and what not

I stripped all of my interior so I could add a bunch of sound deadening to everything. I don't have any afters, But I used some stuff called Hushmat that applies like Dynomat and then this other sound deadening material that applied like truck liner. I forget what it was now but it did make a difference.

Pile of stuff pic!

Alright, time for business. Need to get this engine in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First I'll need to get the old one out.


Good camera

All cleaned up and stock

I did the ABS relocation next. I didn't take any pics and I honestly don't want to ever think about it again, it was a pain in the ass IMO. I rebent the stock lines and flared them where I needed and moved the box to where the battery used to be. It didn't turn out horrible and I like this way over the flexible line method, it was just a tedious process. The aftermath:

Next was the driver side wiring harness, I was planning on a wire tuck while I was at it. I needed to take certain wires that ran to the ecu in the stock location (behind the front driverside headlight) over to where the battery used to be, as that's where the Chevy ECU needed to go


Starting to look better, more tuck-ish

Don't need this anymore


Oh yeah, get in there

I guessed I skipped some steps with the photos here, anyways, here is with it mostly put back together, and with the passenger side done too, it looked way better! Notice those wires looping over by where the battery was, those are for the ECU

Fenders back on, ECU wedged in place

Oil pan action, I'm guessing like a quart of capacity gets cut out lol. I just overfil it a little ;)

I needed to modify the throttle cable for it to work properly too, you could straight up bend the pedal where you needed it to be too I bet.

Getting SOO close, it's looking crazy in there.

I got a good deal on a FAST intake too, might as well... I needed to get a new lower half, the guy said it backfired while he was trying to start it, but I'm pretty damn sure nitrous was involved hahaha

Well. I got it running. I have the startup vid around here somewhere, I'll have to add it later, here's a nice burnout I did, gosh it was a blast.

Oh and here's a video that I shot and put together myself, it was the first time I did any video or editing of any sort. It's not great but it was fun, I learned some stuff. Oh and I had no gear, no slider, no lights, no anything at all, it could have been a lot better but like I said it was a learning experience.

And well, I drove it around like that for a bit and then I decided that I needed a paint job. Here's a couple of pics while it wasn't painted yet

And then of course how it sits now =)

Next on the list was bigger exhaust. When Matt first swapped an LS into his Lexus he swapped in an LS1, then he made headers and exhaust from stainless bends, well, then he decided to go to an LS3, so he took his old headers and exhaust off and threw them in the storage shed. When I was gathering parts for my build, I was able to get that stuff from him, thanks again bud. Now, with the LS6 and the came and all of that, I think the exhaust may have been a slight bottleneck, maybe. I mean.. the collectors were 2.5" and apparently that's not super for LS stuff. I don't know, I wanted something bigger too. Well, I'd better order some parts and get to work. First up, DedicatedMotorsports headers.

My workspace

First time making a Y pipe, turned out well I'd say, for guessing and all

Didn't know what to do exactly so I started somewhere else

Oh yeah that's looking good.

Needs to meet in the middle


Oh yeah!

Just in case you didn't see this pic earlier =)

And don't forget to click on the link below =) IS300/IMG_4071_zps5b0ae2e4.mp4

So yeah, that's done now too. I've got several pages on what is planned. Nothing TOO crazy at this point, but it's still going to need a lot of work.

I like the car a lot at this point. Its fast, rides REALLY nice. I have a few friends that have G37's and don't get me wrong they are amazingly nice cars, but all I'm saying is mine rides smoother than those on stock suspension. It does other stuff like getting really shitty gas mileage, but I knew that going in so I really can't complain lol. It's really reliable. Besides a power steering line breaking once because I used nylon line nothing has ever broken, and I've put thousands of miles on it by now. Actually last year in March a friend Wayne stayed after work and he got a basemap on there and got it started for me, then the next day he tuned it and after work I drove it to Houston from Dallas for TX2k13. Maiden, hellava long, voyage without one problem, it got 21 mpg too with the 5.3 and a smaller cam, about the same as what the stock engine got.

Now that I've done it do I think it was worth all of the time and money? FUCK yeah. To me it's a great example of a well built and suitable Japanese Musclecar =) Some people ask me, "hey bruh, why didn't you build the 2j, that's what all of the people do on the forums" Well guy that asks me this question all of the time, that's a good question. And let me tell you, I love Japanese cars (and on this subject I love the 2jz engines), they are built so well and it seems like if you get one that's slightly older, they aren't all that hard to work on either. But I kind of always wanted a v8, but I didn't want to have to buy an American car. Don't get me wrong, a 03' z06 vette is such a great car for the money, but I wanted something a little different too. The Lexus is nice, has 4 doors, has a much better interior and now makes a shitload of noise, people don't expect it, its totally worth the price. I need to weight the car again but it should be like 3350 I believe, which doesn't sound bad to me!

But really, what does it matter where the car's parts were made from anyways? We are all human, we're all in it together, on this rock, flying through the universe. Lets not be so uptight, let people swap LS's into everything, it really is a beautiful thing if you let it... lol

I'll update the thread later, thanks for reading and looking!

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Love it.

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That is a very nice ride bro. It is clean as hell and considering how much I love the 2jz motor, that LS looks very comfortable in that bay. :pimp: Keep doing your thang mang.

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damn impressed.....well done!!!!!

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Wow, simply amazing and that ls6 almost looks stock sitting in that bay too. Props to you and Matt for building such a clean ride :bigSmile:

Shoot this was all Mitch, I literally helped answer his questions and supplied him with some quality parts. The guy put in some work and did a pretty damn good job too if I might say. Even that sick ass exhaust....homie did some work.

The bottom line is this swap is designed to be built by the DYI'er. Its time to become one with your isthreehun :)


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Small update, I made some side skirts for the car. I used .080" aluminum and they turned out pretty well, they look pretty functional as well. Painted them yesterday, they look pretty awesome! My favorite side skirts for the IS300 now, wooo! haha. Total time invested: 15 hours

No skirts-

Lower section on with no side cover piece-

Money shot - under the car-

Side piece made and installed-


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They look great! Nice work :approve:

Figs rear diffuser would set them off nicely IMO :)
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