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I brought my car to the lexus dealer on Monday to check out why the check engine light keep going on and off. It took them a while to check, but they called me today to let me know that they found a metal piece in the transmission. They have to replace the whole transmission for my car now.
Here are the symptom, if you guys notice these when driving. Make sure you have your car check out.
1. Check engine light on after driving for 30 minutes or so and then stay on until car is parked overnight or couple hours.
2. Highway driving, rpm rev reaches 4 to 5 at about 80mph, which is not normal, automatic overdrive should kick in at 70 to 75 and rev should be at about 2.7 to 3. When push the car really hard over 90mph then the overdrive kick in back to normal, which is very unsual.
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