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Messy Brake Calipers

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When I took delivery of my IS300, I noticed the brake calipers had something messy on them. Looks like someone sprayed silverish-white paint on parts of them (messy drips and all). Even stranger is that several appear to have been done with a wheel spoke blocking part of the sprayed on mess (but nothing on my wheels. It is definitely permanent, because I haven't been able to scrub it off.

I talked to my salesman before taking deliver and he agreed it was a mess. He's looking into what they can do about it. Since I was already planning to paint my calipers I didn't make a stink about it. I'm just curious if anyone else has seen this?


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that has to be one of the craziest things i have ever saw. is there any of that stuff on your rim? weird... hope everything gets straightened out...

i've seen that stuff in my civic's engine bay. i think they used it to see if there are any leaks from piping. but i think yours are then by accident. or to check if the break lines were leaking. but you can wipe mine off. not sure about yours.

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wow. it looks kind of like they were doing some painting of your rim, and forgot to cover up the caliper... i also notice there is a bit of orange-ish stuff on your rotor.. is that rust?
if i saw that on my car, i wouldnt' have taken delivery, even if i was planning on painting the calipers.
I would definitely have Lexus replace ALL the calipers and maybe even the brake rotors if they show signs of having that stuff on them. This is not "Lexus" quality. Shouldn't matter if the dealer says it's nothing...demand quality. Especially considering the amount you just paid.
irv_usc...the orange stuff is rust. My IS300's rotors get like that after it sits there in the rain. I noticed this once after it rained all night on the car. But as soon as you dive off and hit the brakes...they're cleaned off.
Whatever/whoeever did that - It looks pretty sloppy to me.
I sent the same pics to the service manager and got a very nice phone call within an hour asking me to bring the car in. He needs to see it in person before agreeing to anything, but I'm going to suggest that they either paint them (easiest option), powder coat them (I think this is like $600), or replace them (I don't want them to have to rip things apart, so this is the least favorite).

Like I said, I was planning on painting anyway, so if I can get them to do the job then I'm a happy camper. I'm not getting too worked up over it. If I would have cared that much, I would have refused to take delivery. This will be a good test of Lexus customer service! :)

A follow-up: The service guys said that they would certainly take care of it. They even thought that the dealer prep might have been the culprit. Apparently they use some harsh cleaner on the wheels during prep and that might be the cause of the discolored calipers.

Anyway, they're going to paint them for me! They'll either have it professionally done at a body shop or use a can of caliper paint and have their own paint person do it. That more than makes me happy, because I wasn't looking forward to masking everything off myself!

That's great to hear, MNSpectraBlueIS! Glad to hear that Lexus' customer service is doing its job...
My Lexus dealer fell all over themselves to take care of the problem. I have to compliment them highly on this. [shameless plug: Lexus of Maplewood, MN].

Here is a pic of the final product. A full page of pictures is available too.

The VHT caliper paint color is a very good match for Spectra Blue Mica. The dealer completely disassembled the calipers and painted them off of the vehicle. They did four coats of the VHT blue and one of high-temp clear coat. Much more meticulous than I expected (certainly more than I would have done!)!


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Is it just me, or does it look like the inner lip of the wheels were painted (in those pictures)? Could it be that someone painted the wheels and forgot to mask off the caliper?

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You're right TEG, it does look like the inside lips of the wheel were painted. Especially in the first pictures where the edges are...

But damn, that blue looks good. Where do I get that VHT paint?

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Re: paint on wheel lip

Must just be due to the camera. They actually disassembled the brakes and individually painted just the calipers (while removed from the car). This meant that everything looks very professional, and that they had to do a full brake bleed, etc. to accomplish it. It does look sweet in person!

Re: where to get VHT paint

I got mine from the local Champion Auto. They sold the paint but had to special order in the color I wanted because they didn't have it. Was like $6.99 for a can. Matches the SBM very well. I've seen something almost identical at Pep Boys for brake calipers. Don't remember the brand, but it was a major one (like ColorMatch or something?).

I can say that I'm glad I had someone else do it, because I think I would have made a mess...

My left caliper is slightly bleeding (only 450 miles on it)

Am taking it to dealer today.

Hey - what color is nice for a silver car?

Blue also?
Jebster (or anyone), how can you tell when and which caliper is bleeding?

Red will look good with Silver.
Correction - caliper is not "bleeding" but has the similat "overspray" residue from the pics above.

I spoke to the Service Manager and they agreed to paint it tomorrow, Free Of Charge.

Red it is!

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I forgot to mention that my dealer also removed, cleaned, and painted my rotors for me too. They kept the same silver color as stock, but it definitely got rid of the rust problem. Kudos to them!

I have the same problem as far as the messy brake calipers.

I stopped by the dealer today and they are ordering new calipers to replace all 4 of them.

The only way I was able to point out to the dealer that it was probably there even before I picked it up was that there were additional writtings in silver on top of the staining.

I told them to replace it or paint it. I don't care either way so they've ordered them. Should be here next week.
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