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#387 of 392: IS300 looks to be a (easyrider300m) Sat 03 Jun '00 (11:55 PM)

decent ride. But it will be expensive if you load
it up.
I considered the lexus, but after test driving a
2000 300M, my mind was made up . And you cant beat
the value--fully equipped with every option
imaginable for a mere $28600 after negotiations.
And a .9% 5 year financing deal to boot.

Plenty of power, excellent handling, and lots more
room than the IS300. I couldnt pass up on the
savings and the style of the 300M.

Good luck with your Lexus.
#386 of 392: (90maxima) Fri 02 Jun '00 (06:19 PM)

While I did put my name on the list for the IS300,
I do plan to walk away if the dealer intend to
charge MSRP for it. With a dealer hold back of
over $600, and a 2K to 3K reduction from MSRP on
the GS300/GS400, it would be foolish to let the
dealer pocket the holdback and make additional 4K
(the difference between MSRP and Invoice). The
fact that the IS300 is slower than Acura TL and CL,
and cost more than both of these cars, make this
profit margin even more intolerable.
#381 of 392: sceptic (voaden) Mon 29 May '00 (01:04 PM)

I have driven my sister-in-laws Altezza (IS 300)in
Japan several times in the past eighteen months
and in no way does this car compare with an Audi
A4, Passat GLX, or BMW 3 series. This is why it is
priced in the 22 to 24 K range in Japan (excluding
various taxes). Anybody that would pay the rip-off
prices that are being quoted for this car is
totally insane.

#382 of 392: sceptic2 (voaden) Wed 31 May '00 (08:25 AM)

Forgot to add that last year Toyota generated 80%
of their profits from North America. Their
overpriced cars here compensated for the fact that
their market share in Japan is on a downward slide.
Still I wouldn't mind a GS 400 if I could afford
#390 of 392: I have driven the IS 300 (chipfiev) Mon 05 Jun '00 (08:09 AM)

Just this past Saturday, I was invited to the
Lexus IS 200 Performance Tour at Chicago Motor
Speedway. This was an event where Lexus brought
their IS 300, a BMW 328i, and an Audi A4 Quattro
and let us drive those three cars as hard as we
wanted on a closed autocross-type course. They had
slaloms, tight turns, bumps, straightaways, sand,
and emergency manuvuers. They also provided hot
laps around the speedway with an Indy driver at
speeds approaching 110 mph.

The event was was the Lexus.
After driving all three cars quite hard, the Lexus
comes out on top at that price point. The loaded
Lexus comes in at under $33,000, so that's the
price of the oth
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