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Hey I've been thinking about selling for a while but I didn't know if it would be worth it at this point so I wanted to see what kind of offers I would get...

2001 Lexus IS300 - Black Onyx - 117,000 Miles (Pretty much all highway cause school is 30 miles from me and I have to drive it every day.)

-Automatic Trans.
-Heated Seats
-'02 Tan Armrest
-Tan Suede Interior
-5-Spoke Graphite Rims
-'01 Rear Wing Spoiler
-Everything else is same as any other IS300

-'02 Black Grill
-Gloss Black Headlights with Chrome Rings
-Gloss Black Fogs
-JDM Black Chrome Tails
-Memphis M-Class 6x9's in the rear deck
-SRT Intake
-Toyomoto Valve Body Upgrade
-Mazzuri Header & Y-Pipe

New Toyo tires and new brake pads put on last week.

Too dirty to post pictures now but I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it even with the high mileage...

Offer up please! Athens, TX is about an hour south of Dallas, TX.

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Sorry man, go ahead and lock it.
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