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Master cylinder leaking after alignment.

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So as the title states I just got an alignment and I noticed that they put a rod holding down the brake pedal for the alignment and thought nothing of it. Car is working fine and braking fine but i opened the hood and noticed that it leaked a little bit from where the cylinder meets the booster. What should i do?
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replace booster and master cylinder. Has nothing to do with the alignment.
Booster is new and i know it has nothing to do with the alignment it’s just the guy used this like long bar that attaches to the seat to push the crap out of the brake pedal down so the car wouldn’t move. Could that have caused damage
was the booster maybe not installed super well? maybe it did leak some once, and isn't leaking again. I'd clean it up and see if the leak happens again.
I mean I installed the booster myself like 2 years ago or something. A Cardone reman one bc I was having trouble with a different one previous installed, there’s a thread I'm in about the issue we’re people get the cheap boosters on eBay and it is a single diaphragm booster instead of the dual diaphragm oem style and it causes a crap ton of issues. Up until now it’s been fine, ima clean it and see what happens the brakes are perfect im going to bleed them as well. I do have this issue one weird issue, about a year ago I took out the booster bc i wanted to paint it since it was developing surface rust and when I put it back in i started having this issue which the first time I press the brakes backing out of my house I hear the abs turn on and feel it in my pedal and then it doesn’t happen again. I will try and take it out and reinstall it too.

Booster is fine, probably put a lot of stress on the master cylinder though. I'd get a new one ASAP. You can find them on eBay for around $90, if you're patient enough, the ABS block will gravity bleed and you won't have to worry about that whole vacuum bleeder ordeal. Then you need to bleed all four calipers too. Be sure to adjust your booster rod if you do this!!
Yup I’m in the process of asking around and I’ll get a new one wouldnt hurt. Me and my friend fabricated a makeshift power bleeder which works well so I can use that to bleed the abs block too lol. Thank you for the response
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I only recommend the booster because master cylinders can leak into the booster and eat away the diaphragm inside. I do a ton of alignments and you shouldn't need to press down super hard on the brake pedal is just holds the wheels while you do the caster sweep.
Yeah no I understand thank you for the suggestion. I will check and clean up any brake fluid that could have leaked in.
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