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WRCBtv said:
NBC/WRCB) - Like most dealerships, Go Subaru is busy.

"Probably half our deals right now are cash for clunkers," said Billy Mills, dealership sales manager.

Which has transformed their back lot.

"Basically what we have here is our land o' clunkers," said Mills.

Everything from pickups and SUVs and then a 1985 Maserati Biturbo.

"It's kind of one of those cars where you go 'wow, can't believe that one's even a clunker,'" said Mills.

As it turns out, the owner had been trying to sell it for months. It only has 18,480 miles on the odometer.

Despite the low mileage, there are some issues. Tired of calling the mechanic, the owner called Cash for Clunkers instead and got $3,500 for the car.

"So he got what he asking for it," said Mills. "He just got it from the government instead of a customer."

"Never thought I'd see somebody trade in a Maserati, let alone trade in a Maserati that's Cash for Clunkers," said salesperson Wes Guthrie.

The interior is anything but clunker, with all the wood and leather.

The engine, however, is another story. A story that will end with a legendary Italian name joining the likes of Ford and Chevy.

The story for every clunker, even the sporty ones ends the same.

The 1985 Maserati is such an unusual car the sales people at Go Subaru couldn't even find a blue book price on it. They believe the $3,500 was about right.

In case you're wondering, the owner got a new Subaru Impreza.
Maserati Traded for Cash for Clunkers - WRCB Channel 3 Chattanooga News, Weather |

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