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Mark Rechtin's article on the next IS

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Mark Rechtin, a reporter for <I>Automotive News</I>, wrote a short article on the next IS, which was then reproduced on their sister publication <I>AutoWeek</I>. Among its more significant comments:<UL>
<LI>The current IS 300 has been a sales disappointment. Lexus sold just 2,457 units through the first quarter, down 27.5 percent from the year-ago quarter. "The IS is important to us, but I don't see us selling 10,000 a month like BMW does with the 3 series," (Lexus General Manager Denny) Clements says.
<LI>While the LF-C has a V8 engine, Clements says the production version probably will not. More likely is a choice of small- and large-displacement six-cylinder engines, much like BMW does with the 3 series.
<LI>The production version of the IS coupe will arrive in late 2005. Unlike the last IS 300, which arrived earlier in Japan and Europe than in America, Clements says a global launch is planned.</UL>
For the complete article, click <A HREF="">here</A>. Thanks to .NET member Rattus.
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