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Kola said:
Hey Guys,

Ive had a brand new IS for about 4months now and there is a clicking noise that is driving me mad.

After leaving the car parked for about 15-20 min i will hear a clicking noise (near the back) when im moving off from 1st......

does anyone know what this is?

I spoke to the dealer twice about this...the first time the told me b/c the car was new and it needs to break in....after 14k, i asked again. they are now telling me it's b/c im taking off too soon, and i have to shift and wait for about 3-5 seconds....WTF.....well i tried it NEways and to no resolution...

Probably not the transmission if it's coming from the back. Could be a bad universal joint either on the drive shaft or one of the rear axles though. U-joints often make clicking sounds when they are going out. Hard to imagine one going so early though.
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