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Hey guys,

I bought an auto to manual swap 2004 IS300 that's turning into a pain in the ass.

There was no rubber shifter boots or metal bracket installed so there was a hole in the transmission tunnel allowing heat and exhaust to enter the car through the leather shift boot.

I've since installed rubber shift boots and metal bracket from a Supra and new oem leather shift boot with retaining nut.

I'm now experiencing squeaking while shifting, accelerating and braking that's worse when cold and gets better when the car heats up. Tried regreasing the shifter and it helped to a small degree but didn't fix the squeak.

I've removed the bracket and boots and the squeaking remains so it's not anything I've done.

I'm in the process of ordering all new bushings, o rings, bolts etc. for the manual shifter and will install with liberal greasing. I hate short shifters so didn't go this route.

Anyone with previous experience with a squeaky shifter? What did you do?


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