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The present speculation is that the IS300 will get the old NA MKIV Supra's 5-speed transmission. It is durable and smooth enough for the IS, and relatively cheap and fast to incorporate (as opposed to an all new design...just needs OBDII recertification). IF memory serves me correctly (I've only driven the NA 5-speed once a LONG time ago), it is fairly a slick smooth shifter, but you may want to check it out yourself.

Originally posted by JW:
With manual transmission coming up, is anyone speculating the quality of the shifter like I am? I fear I may be spoiled by the short, somewhat crisp throws of my MR2's shifter, and if the IS300's shifter is mediocre, I may be sorely disappointed.

The Altezza's shifter has been praised, but the transition into becoming the IS300 may change that.

I'll have to wait, I guess...

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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