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I have a RHD IS300 that I converted to manual (J160 6 speed) and its work great.

I managed to get a manual Altezza cluster that I want to use but when I plugged it in it threw up an ABS light.

What surprised me was that the speedo worked - this I was expecting not to work based on what I have read. (ref - Auto To Manual Swap) The gearbox has nothing connected to the speed sensor so it is definately relying on the wheel sensor, but it must be going directly to the meter and then to the ABS (Trac) and not the other way around is the above link indicated (below is from the post I linked to)
A/T ----------> ECU.
Trac ----------> Combo meter
M/T ----------> Combo meter

Combo Meter ----------> ECU

I am guessing that the ABS module is not getting a speed signal and I need to connect the ABS to the combo meter - which appears to be covered in this How-To - How-To: ABS to Speedo Rewire for V160 swapped IS's (02+ 5spd's)

Am I on the right track (pun intended) with this or is it something else that I missed.

Also the Altezza combo meter has a pressure gauge instead of an economy meter. Will this work without any changes or does the 2J not have a pressure sender. When I plugged in the meter it did move the needle but only ever so slightly - either its getting its value from somewhere else or I have really bad oil pressure. Any ideas on this one?

Thanks guys

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