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is this a good brand?

I bought a whole shit load of Ma Audio Stuffs a while back and just put it all up in my closet so everything is basically new and never been played ...tell me if this is good ...

-2 12'' MA Audio 3000w Synergy Series DVC's w/ Chrome Plated Basket and magnet
-1 1500w MA Audio Synergy Series 1 OHM Stable Bass Amp Chrome w/ Chrome Handles
-1 800w 4 Channel Synergy Plexi-View Amp / Chrome Plated
-1 Chrome Plated Synergy Series 3 Farad Capacitor w/ digital display
-1 Synergy Series 6.5in Component Set w/ Tweeters and Crossover w/ chrome plated basket and magnet...

I've had this set up for some time but i never really asked anybody about it ..can somebody please tell me if the component system will work on the IS3? cause i was gonna do a custom installation on my previous car which was a civic si but i held off till i got my IS3. also do you thnk it will be bitchin ??? :-?
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