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M3 and IS..... just imagine.....

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the M3 is my girls ride..
and the IS is mine...

guess which one i drive more often.. ??

pics... compliments of photo shop...

98 M3 Sedan:
modena leather
5 point Schroth racing seatbelts
H & R race springs
european clears w/ hyper whites.. (cuz it makes the car go faster)

01 IS:
hmm.. not much to list..yet...
hyper whites... gain of 50 hp..
soon to come.. TEIN HA's...

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The really, really sad part is... the lowered Pinto looks kinda okay in an old-school-kinda-way. Tucked-in wheels makes the car appear longer than it actually is, and the resulting long deck hatchback shape reminds one of a bargain-basement Americanized 280Z/XKE. Gotta shower now, I feel all dirty.

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okay..for all you dicks out there... who have no sense of common courtesy...

it was my first time using photoshop... and
i wasn't trying to pass off the pic as being real.. SO I STATED THAT I DID USE PHOTOSHOP..
hence, the subject..."JUST IMAGINE"

some of you people have no CLUE and are extremely immature ... and the best part is you have NO LIFE!!!!!

you come and talk $hit about other peopls posts... take time to photoshop my pics..


and to whoever doesn't believe that is an M3 Sedan.. come to Hartford, Connecticut..

u wanna put a little wager on it?????
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and specifically to QUIKVR6...

i've seen your posts up here and the replies to them... not many people here like you.. and i've always known why.. but i chose not to reply to your immature posts because it was not worth my time..... or effort.. i'm just writing this in hopes that it will make you aware of how pathetic you are and that maybe..if will grow up...

for those who doubt the M is my girls..
or that it is an M Powered vehicle..

and to the guy who said ..that the front is too wide for it to be an M... what do you think happens to the appearance of any car once its dropped... ??

here's the pic.....
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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