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M3 and IS..... just imagine.....

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the M3 is my girls ride..
and the IS is mine...

guess which one i drive more often.. ??

pics... compliments of photo shop...

98 M3 Sedan:
modena leather
5 point Schroth racing seatbelts
H & R race springs
european clears w/ hyper whites.. (cuz it makes the car go faster)

01 IS:
hmm.. not much to list..yet...
hyper whites... gain of 50 hp..
soon to come.. TEIN HA's...

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Originally posted by QuikVR6:
The cars would look nice maybe if you actualy knew how to operate Photoshop more convincingly.
Exactly. I was laughin' to myself that nobody had figured that out......

The M3 has the factory 17" wheels on it, but the bad photoshop job makes them look more like 19" wheels.

Here's a real pic of my M3, it has the Contour wheel option and no photoshop BS....

99 M3
01 CL Type-S
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Thanks. I luv my M. That Pinto post was funny as ****!


Thanks also. It IS true that nobody ever really rips on an M car. I'm not sure why, though. I guess it just commands a level of respect. Even guys on the Mustang forum have a lot of respect for it.

99 M3
01 CL Type-S
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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