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M3 and IS..... just imagine.....

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the M3 is my girls ride..
and the IS is mine...

guess which one i drive more often.. ??

pics... compliments of photo shop...

98 M3 Sedan:
modena leather
5 point Schroth racing seatbelts
H & R race springs
european clears w/ hyper whites.. (cuz it makes the car go faster)

01 IS:
hmm.. not much to list..yet...
hyper whites... gain of 50 hp..
soon to come.. TEIN HA's...

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hyperwhites are wannabe HID bulbs...they're gay.

actually, s4 drivers **** on the M all the time =) they're jealous...hehe
the two are pretty evenly matched cars. i didn't get to comment but i seriously doubt that is your girlfriend's car. i'm sorry but taht is NOT an m3...either that or its been altered. the front end is WAY too skinny and the wheels, give me a fuc|<ing break, those are stock 17s, the SAME ONES I HAVE. it is NOT POSSIBLE to drop the car that low. plus te fenders haven't been rolled which means you can't TURN FOR ****.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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