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LP interior option

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I just talked with a local dealer and found out that none of the next 39 cars coming in will have the 'LP' interior. Is this happening elsewhere?
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Yes it is true at many dealerships here in california. Its not that they aren't coming in, its just that everyone wants LSD. So smaller dealers are trading with the big ones to get the small number (relatively) of LP cars on their lots. My Spectra Blue LP was originally going to go to an Arizona dealership but they swapped at the port, so I'm picking my car up soon at Santa Monica Lexus.
Who picks the option packages for Lexus? From some of the comments on this board, there appears to be a number of strange marketing decisions. All the cars in the south appear to have heated seats. With temperatures approaching 100, that's the last option I need! I guess it's just a way to get more money out of the consumer.
Can anyone tell me if they are aware of any "LP" packaged cars coming in? I have been told that they have stopped production of the LP. Not sure if it is a permanent stop or not.

TEG, what's the story on the west coast? Does this mean no LSD for you guys?
I hope your wrong. I just ordered the Blue IS300 LP packaged car. I was told it should be here in 2-3weeks.
I got my IS from a Houston dealership and I think it came with basically all the options, but instead of the luxury package (leather trim/ power seat/ homelink/ wood panel), I got the leather package which is essentially the same, sans the wood paneling. The other options I got were the LSD, heated front seats, power moonroof, trunk mat, and wheel locks. All I really wanted was the LSD but it was the only one coming in the color I wanted so I had to settle with the other stuff...not that I don't like or anything though...

P.S. The average daytime high temperature here is 100 degrees so heated seats may seem absurd in the south, but it gets pretty cold in winter so maybe I'll actually use em...!
When you say 'ordered', does that mean you are ordering one that is already allocated to the dealer or ordering one from the factory? I was told to order from the factory it would take 3-4 months! Maybe your region is still getting LP's.

I want the LP more for the all-black dash than the wood trim. I think it looks a little less 'plasticky'.
This is the first I have heard of reduction in LP equipped cars arriving.

I am not totally sure how they decide which cars to build, but from what I know it goes something like this:

Every few months a committee of dealers from the region gets together to discuss what kind of cars they want the factory to produce for them. Their main thought is "what can we sell". They discuss with the factory what is possible, and then make a "build plan" for the coming months. The factory may adjust the plan based on feedback from suppliers.

We wonder why the western region would decide only to put LD (LSD) on LP equipped cars... We wonder why they didn't want any AL (Graphite Wheels) at first... We wonder why the southern region asked for HH (Heated Seats) on all their cars... It is a mystery...
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Take this to be the truth for western region customers:

"The July and August builds practically mirror that of the initial June build.
So the current number of LP packaged cars will remain the same over the next few
months and the LD will continue to be offered in the Western area with the LP

A bit of clarification. LD is a 33% guided option. That means only 33% of the
cars can have the equipment due to EPA restrictions. The Western Area includes
dealers in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and other Northwest states. Those
states are serviced out of the Portland port. Due to climatic conditions in
those states it is necessary in build 100% of the cars going up there with LD.
That accounts for about 16% of the entire Western Area build. That leaves 14%
or so to be built for the dealers serviced out of the Long Beach port (LA, San
Fran, southwest)."
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