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I'm driving my manual IS300/2003 for 6 years now.
This happened to me 3 times over the years. And it almost killed me yesterday.

I was driving 30 m/h on a slippery/icy road. I have good tires, so normally I can accelerate and brake pretty good.
So I was slowing down, as soon as I put my foot on a brakes, pushing very lightly, car skidded to another lane. I gain control by disengaging clutch.

On the same road, car slows down great, when braking with clutch "pre-disengaged": goes strait, like on rails.
"Engine braking" and loosing control again.

I wounder if this happened to anybody else.
This does not seem normal to me. If you can brake strait with clutch pressed you should be able to go brake strait without clutch to.
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