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I want to start a portfolio for cars. I just recently got new gear and want to test it out on a few of you guys.

The "Catch":
-You would have to pick a location (San Diego area) make sure it has a NICE background with no cars in the back and possible colors. I personally like alley urban looking places.
-If its far from Chula Vista you pay for my gas $$$
-Best shots are taken on cloudy days, early mornings or late in the day 7-8pmish

The Deal:
-1 to 2 hours of shooting
-No Charge except for gas.
-Includes artificial lighting and rolling rig shots. Would help if you brought a friend along to push the car.
-No $$$ involved unless you like tipping :)

Here is a "Test" I did on my friend's car. I didnt get to play with the angles because we got kicked out.

Heres one I did of my car with the lighting

More examples of my work:

If YOU or anyone you KNOW is interested PM me.

Or Email me so I can get it right away! [email protected]

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Andrew what's up!

Long time no see! Hows the STi?

Can you do my silver AP2 on orange Advans??

Pm me

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Nikon D90
Tokina 2.8 11-16mm
Nikon VR 18-107mm
Nikkor 1.8 50mm
2 Nikon SB-600s w/ diffusers
Cowboy Studio Transmitter
Cowboy studio (2) receivers
Cowboy Studio (2) 7ft stands
Cowboy studio (2) Brackets
Nikon remote
Avenger (2) f1000 suction cups
12ft EMT pole
Manfrotto magic arm
Avenger super clamps (3)
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