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This sticky will be updated periodically as information becomes available to the Moderators.
If you want somthing posted here let IS_Dude or me know via PM or Email.
Thanks & Enjoy!

The Suggestion Box

General Autocross Information - well known NorCal race supply store

Here's some SCCA(Sports Car Club of America) related sites.

Online SCCA Car Classes

Some Wheel Weights I've found

Gathering of basic Terminology and handling characteristics
This site is incredible and the people are top notch. They discuss tires, shocks, oil, wheels, corner weighting, and other things.
Technical Section

The Following Links are of Discussion Threads in Race Related

Helmet Ratings

First Autox in the IS300

Tire Presure/ Lowered suspension/ First Autox

Racing IS in Stock Class Tips

Tire Presures

More Autox Advice

Where to get Magnetic Numbers for your ride

Best way to Race and E-Shift

Learning to Drive Dynamically

Suspension Setups & Advice

Staggard Wheel V.S. Handleing balance

Autox Schools & Clubs for USA & Canada

Please PM me the website and any details you feel should be listed.
I am going to lock this thread and will edit it myself as to not to clutter with posts.
Please PM me if you want somthing posted.
I think this will be an informative post for all of us race enthusiasts

A list of Driving Schools and Auto X Organizations accross the U.S. and Canada.
The List will be broken up into National Sites and then 4 groups for the U.S. and one for Canada.

An extensive calendar of multiple driving events across North America

Quick link to SCCA Regional sites

Speed Trial USA

Tracktime (schools)

TracQuest (schools)


Chin Motorsports (Florida)

Skip Barber Driving School (Lime Rock, CT)

Connecticut Auto X and Rally Team (CT)

Fairfield County Sports Car Club (Connecticut)

Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club (So. Fla)

Buccaneer Solo (N. Fla)

NASA Northeast

Auto Crossers Incorperated (D.C., PA, VA, MD)

Washington D.C. Region Solo II Events

Team Asylum Racing (MD)

Salazar Racing

The M Club

Westchester SCC

PA Auto X Page

COM Sports Car Club (Time Trial/autoX)

Trackmasters (entire US? driver's schools)

BMW, Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Miata clubs all do schools, but Porsche & Ferrari require you to have their makes. BMW events are very diverse, Audi events not very. (schools)

PDA (Performance Driver's Association?) (driver's schools)

C.A.R.T. (time trials/autoX)


Midwestern Council Sports Car Clubs

Covers 9 affiliate clubs with parking lot autox, medium and high speed track autox and wheel to wheel racing. Several track schools each year. Most events are at Blackhawk Farms (Rockton, IL), Gingerman Speedway (South Haven, MI) and Grattan Raceway (Grand Rapids area, MI)

Texas Region Solo2


Skip Barber Driving School (Road America, WI)


Skip Barber Driving School (Laguna Seca, CA)

gregh has provided some West Coast info: Thanks!

Has begun the process of evaluating tracks, classes and instructors. - outside of Vegas, supposed to be a fantastic school for High Performance driving. Cars used in class are current year SS Camaros and Corvettes. - 'nuff said - SCCA-owned course. Inexpensive & fun 1 day high performance driving school - well known NorCal race supply store - well known NorCal race supply store - good intro for new AutoXers


Mosport Driver Development Centre

Ok thats the list so far, PM me if you find out anymore sites.
Thanks to Ckolson, IS_Dude, OC 192, Croddy, gregh for the info All of your PM's were very informative, and really appreciated. 8)
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