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Longo Lexus has 5-speed with Nav's (2)...

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Longo Lexus has about 12-15 differnt 2002's, from Crystal White to Intensa Blue Pearl to GGP...I think they have every color, ON TOP OF THAT, they have 2 5-Speeds with Nav (one Silver, one Black w/ a spoiler) They also have two Absolute Red's, one 5-speed, one Auto...I just thought I'd let the people that thought that 5-speed's didnt come with Nav right now know that they actually do...
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damn, is the blue stick?

my dealer said no nav until late september!
uhh, i believe there was one blue stick and one blue auto, but i'm not COMPLETELY positive...
2002 IS300's w/o nav at 33,5...2002 IS300's with Nav 35,5...sunroof, escaine (no full leather's there
)..So yes, 33,5 for everything except full leather and i think maybe LSD, i didnt see it on the sticker...the salesperson also told me that the MSRP of the 2002 has dropped from the 2001 $500...
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Umm.. are you sure? I went on Thursday to test drive them.. The fleet manager said there was only ONE 5-spd IS300 (which is the one I test drove)... It was a silver with full leather (luxury package)/chrome wheels/LSD/Nav. It was priced at 35.5 plus about 1200 more for the chrome wheels, but the manager said I could take those off and use regular wheels instead... why the hell would anyone pay 1200 for a chrome job??lol..
Neways, drove the car, it was absolutely AMAZING... The steering feels tighter than the 2001 IS300's, and the car feels SOOOO much quicker. The fleet manager said it drops about 1 second off the Automatic's 7.1 second 0-60... whether or not that is true, the car feels a LOT faster. The gearshifter is crisp and short while the clutch is easy to push in and easy to modulate. The navigation system is quite a treat, the screen is huge (16/9 ratio) and even though its not touch screen the controls are still quick and intuitive. I'm still trying to decide though, 2002 IS300 or 2002 330I...

-Chris Y.
'99 GS400/White/tan lthr/nav/spoilr/L-Tuned ECU/L-Tuned Springs & Shocks/TRD Strut Bar/ TRD Sway Bars/RMM Grille/Borla Exhaust/Tom's Intake
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Yes, trust me, I'm very sure...i sat in and played around with a Black 2002 IS300 5-speed w/ Nav and a spoiler, completely decked out, awesome car. Anyways, they might have just gotten the cars in, is that a possibility? Either way, their stock on 2002's is increasing rather rapidly...
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