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Habib--I looked at the website you indicated,
and I want to add the following information
concerning the parts I ordered recently from
Steve Ganz, who is the TRD guy at Carson Toyota here in Los Angeles.

Steve has already delivered my rear sway bar,
which is now on my car, and cost me $187+tax.

The Tom's braces, which are on the water and
should be in my hands on July 25, included the following prices, all of which are lower
than those on the website you referred to.

I bought the rear stabilizer bar for $172,
the two front suspension rods for $167.50,
the front reinforce brace @ $246 and the rear
brace @$314.50, the rear strut brace (which
connects the struts across the trunk space)
was $58, and the rear suspension braces were $86.

In addition to getting better prices from
Steve at Carson Toyota, the invoice comes with a coupon which entitles the buyer to
a 15% reduction on his next TRD order at
Carson Toyota.

Steve's prices and his pricing policies have
been mentioned here before, and I'm a little
mystified why people aren't checking with him
on their orders. He's a good guy, and the
prices are right, and I got my TRD swaybar
in about a month, which is considerably less
time than guys who ordered them much earlier
from other places.
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