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Here are a few not so good pics. It was rainy today and I quickly snapped a few as I have been asked a few times for pics.

Blue LED for security system!!

Blue carbon and monitor

Carbon Dash(It truely looks better in person)


ear Angle

Mirror and detector.

Please see my album atLISNUP

DonCorleone: attempt to linkify, failed. i now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion.

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Hey it looks like your pictures are in a "restricted" area...please open that up.

Question for you...with the metallic tint, doesn't that severely hinder the radar detector?
I thought that I was posting pics, but I guess I did something wrong!!! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyy!
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The tint does not affect the detector as it is a remote mount unit. Their is a sensor mounted behind the grille and another in the rear bumper.
It should be unrestricted now!!!!! Again soryyyyy!!!
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Great pics! Looks like a nice and clean installation on all those parts.
Originally posted by lisnup65:
It should be unrestricted now!!!!! Again soryyyyy!!!
hey bro.. u got a nice list of mods.. but do u really have to list everything in your signature?? im not trying to be a dick.. but we try to keep these threads as clean as possible.. it makes reading a little easier.. if u notice.. there really aren't any signatures with pics in it either.. well do as u please.. but take this as a warning.. u'll hear it from other members.. trust me...peace
hey what kinda radar detecter is that???and do they really work???
i don't know what to choose..thanks
The detector is a whister 3300 with optional, additional remote unit for the rear protection. Yes it does work and vwry well at that. The biggest disappointment is laser protection as the only sensor for that is mounted on the back of the rear-view mirror. They aim the gun at either the license plate of head lamps so the sensor in the car is pretty useless. The sensor is not water proof!!!

Sorry if you dont like or if it bothers you. If I receive more notice that people dont like it I will eliminate. It was a trend umong the members to post their mods along with future mods. Thats all that I did! It just happens that I have a long list of them. Again I dont wish to upset others on the board. I will post a new message asking for others input.
Lisnup65, what is the spoiler you have? Who makes that, i think that looks real nice on an SBM. PM me or email me at [email protected]
Lisnup65, what is the spoiler you have? Who makes that, i think that looks real nice on an SBM. PM me or email me at [email protected]

I have no clue as who makes it. It was on the vehicle when I purchased it. Sorry, but if you would like I can call the dealer and find out.
yo bro... i agree with you .... signatures are for mods and for future mods... i've just seen people in here get their heads ripped off for having long ass signatures.. i was just trying to give ya a heads up.. hey if no one says anything.. more power to u..

btw.. nice ride.. hows the hks co's?? and is that the rod millen intake??

one other question... did master tune his afc?? if yes.. do u know what his settings are?? or how much hp was gained...(any other affecting mods)??

thanks in advance.
I added a couple more pics. 1 is a really bad pic of the neon inside at night, but the camera did not like no flash. The other is of the unfinished trunk. The highlight is the DVD player and sub enclosure that still allows full access to spare tire and takes a small amount of space.
Originally posted by lisnup65:
It should be unrestricted now!!!!! Again soryyyyy!!!
it says restricted!!!!
My settings on the page are (Public) unrestricted. Please try again and if you still have problems let me know.
Very Nice, That's the color I want!How much $ have yo invested in your IS300?
Thanks!! I have not kept track of the expences of modifying the car, so I at this time have no idea.
I like the rain guards and i was thinking about getting them. I had them on my last car and i loved it. I just didn't know how they looked on an IS so thanks for posting the pick's !! where did you pick up the rain guards, who makes them, how much did they cost ?
Martin ;
Weathertech has them. 88 bucks delivered to your door. I like these because they are not taped on, but rather mounted in the window channel. The front ones are a little tight to get in, but they will not move. I was thinking of having them painted to match the car, but I think with the windows tinted behind them that it would look better to leave them as they are. What do you think?

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