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okay this is it!
although all of u (including u LexusIS4U2NV) could do a search, i just wanted to make it easy for everyone. so, this is the list. alhtough there are other options, let's just say this is the most common or recommended (or whatever u wanna call it) bulbs used.

front signal bulbs: Polarg M-2 or bulb type 7440.
by the way, u need four of these.

rear signal bulbs: Polarg M-7 or M-9 or bulb type 1156.
difference between M-7 and M-9? i don't know. what i do know is, the M-9 does NOT fit perfectly. u have to cut off one of the round thingy sticking out from the base. no difference since it's just there to make the bulb fit.

DRL or highbeam (which are the same thing if u didn't know): bulb type 9005.
i don't know if i'm wrong but reading the posts so far, there isn't a bulb to replace that will look perfectly like the bright HID. (any recommendations?)

city light or parking light (whatever u wanna call it, and it's the tiny bulb next to the lowbeam light or HID lights): Polarg M-4 or bulb type 168.

clear side markers: not available (yet!). forget the

HID or lowbeam: why would u wanna change that? he he

so, there u have it. if u have any questions or arguments, keep it to yourself

but just a few info: the lower signal lights in the front r very hard to replace. either try between the fenders or simply take off the bumper.
rear signals are very easy. just pop off the two caps covering the screws then unscrew. these are right next to the lighting case. then just jiggle the lighting case to pull out.
by the way, blue bulbs (literally, no matter what color they light, at least according to someone who got pulled over for it) are illegal. and white signals on the rear are illegal, so go with red. i just changed mine from super white to red and i like it better.
i hope this helps few of u or for the future
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