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Look guys there is no reason to get all this maddness.. Yes my parents bought my jeep and I am very greatful for that. But with the money I had saved up and the money the jeep was worth i put down on the car to get the payments so low and yes they are low i will scan a copy of the bill if you want. I also triple down on the payments so it will be payed of as soon as possible.. I am not also a spoiled rich kid b/c i recieve no funds from my parents. I have a very good job in Insurance Sales and work very hard to keep what amenities I have. I don't see how "mature" adults can act like this. I was just showing what I had bought and what good price I have got it at. That should be boastful enough to talk about don't you think. I mean a Lexus IS 300 which is the best car on the road in my eyes..I did not mean to offend anyone but this is my response to the reaction.

Thank You,


P>S> about the 19 inch niche chrome shocks..ANYBODY????
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