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Mark Rechtin of <I>Automotive News</I> has written an article that has also just appeared in sister publication <I>AutoWeek</I>'s website. Titled <B><I>Lexus to roll out all-new sedan lineup by '06; BMW loyalists targeted</I></B>, it contains the following excerpts:<BR>
<P>Lexus will replace every sedan in its lineup by fall 2006 as it battles to close the gap in car sales with BMW and Mercedes-Benz.<BR>
<P>BMW is the main target.<BR>
<P>Denny Clements, general manager of Lexus Division, says the time is right for Toyota's premium brand to win over BMW loyalists disaffected by that brand's move toward polarizing design and complicated electronic controls.<BR>
<P>He says the new Lexuses will offer a sportier driving experience and have bolder styling.<BR>
<P>The current Lexus sedans are aging. Meanwhile, the competition has pounced with a series of new cars, including the BMW 5 and 6 series, Mercedes E class, Infiniti G35, Jaguar XJ and Acura TL.<BR>
<P>But Lexus will counter with redesigned GS 300 and GS 430 sedans (in the spring of 2005) and <B>a redesigned IS 300 in the fall of 2005.</B> The ES 330 will be re-engineered in the spring of 2006, and the LS 430 will be redesigned in fall 2006.<BR>
<P>"Sales of the GS and IS are way off, but when the new ones arrive, that will be a big incremental gain," says Clements. "This rapid cadence means 2005 and 2006 should be real good years for Lexus."<BR>
<P>Clements believes that the new wave of products will propel Lexus "well over 300,000 units."<BR>
<P>For the full article, click <A HREF="">here.</A>
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