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Lexus of Tulsa just called me.

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Guys, they are being flooded with phone calls about this ordeal. Tet from Lexus of Tulsa just called me and told me to post this on here, and that if you could, please refrain from calling. I will update you guys on the situation. As of this momment, the reason Lexus of Tulsa has this is because there was a field guy that came there and made the program card accessible to them. There also is a Trac reprogram coming within a couple of weeks. Tet told me to tell you guys that the reprogram will be accessible to you guys within 30 days. Whatever questions you want, please post it here and I'll try to answer. You guys are FLOODING there phone lines!!!

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I hope you're not some sort of a guinea pig, Lexus_IS300.

I believe I started this parade of masked warriors into the dealer at Tulsa, maybe I shouldn't of called this morning and relayed the good truth. Please no one else call Tulsa anymore. They can't, and won't answer your questions anymore. Please wait 30 days for the rest of our dealers to get the card to reprogram our babies. Just my input, Later.


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