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Lexus of glendale

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Was at lexus of glendale...the sales manager was a jerk...he would not even talk to me because i asked him how much he would take off sticker...anyone know anywhere else where i can go...thanks
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I talked with them too, and yes they are all bastards. I told them I was getting a way better deal else where and if they would budge. They said no and to look else where. One of the worst places I talked to. I highly recommend Lexus of Thousand Oaks, they once offered to take 1505 off sticker price when the price was 33805, so it went all the way down to 32305, after sales tax and stuff it came out to be a lil more than 35,000. Another place i would recommend is Jim Faulks Lexus of Beverly Hills, talk with Fritz Kugell, he should give u a fair price. he dropped 1000 off sticker without me even asking.
goto beverly hills lexus.
friendly people there...i got mine from jim falks lexus(beverly hills lexus) for msrp
but that was on june....
go ask for "JEFF LEE" and tell him KEVIN sent you....he will hook you guys up. trust me.
or give him a call 310-274-5200

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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